Aluminum Gates

Custom Gates for Yards, Entrances, and Driveways

Elegant aluminum gates offer safety or security, and they are commonly used for driveway gates, yard gates, cantilever gates, and pool entrance gates. We offer a large selection of standard gates, as well as custom sized frames developed to fit just about any size gate opening. Elegant Aluminum produces high quality enclosure products that are developed to last a lifetime. All our gates include a U-Frame, welded design, which greatly increases longevity and strength. We exclusively use our U-Frame welded frames for all gates and learned that our design provides years without the chronic adjustments and repairs usually related to other leading gate designs.

By utilizing a blend of Aluminum, Vinyl, or Wood into a custom fabricated gate, you can add a unique touch with limitless possibilities. We also offer a plethora of castings, butter flies, rolled channels, finials, rings and other ornamental arrangements that will make the gate stand out. Please bear in mind, there is an 8 foot maximum height limit imposed for all gates due to shipping restrictions.

All Elegant Aluminum’s gates are equipped with a gate stop to prevent swing thru and unnecessary wear, and feature standard self-closing True-Close hinges along with self-latching Lokk-Latches. Elegant Aluminum is a proud distributor for D&D Technologies, manufacturers of the toughest gate hardware in the world. Gate hardware comes in a standard black color while white hardware is also available as an option. All of our stocked gate hardware including the Lokk-Latch, Magna-Latch, Z-Lokk latch, Kwik Fit & Tru-Close gate hinges and Lokk-Bolt drop rod or cane bolts are available for purchase at anytime.

Michigan Aluminum Gates


Michigan Aluminum Gates

BOCA & Local Safety Codes for Elegant Aluminum Pool Enclosures

We manufacture a large selection of pool gates that may meet the pool code restrictions in your area. Our pool systems meet the requirements of BOCA (Building Officials and Code Administrators International), IRC (International Residential Code), and IBC (International Building Code). Please keep in mind that building code restrictions vary for each location. To ensure satisfaction of all pool code requirements, contact the local building authority in your area before selecting a height and style.

View our list of available gate options for BOCA pool code restrictions

Michigan Aluminum Gates

Elegant Aluminum Fence Color Variations

Elegant’s standard fencing colors are available in black, white, sandstone and bronze. Custom colors are available upon request.

* Colors may vary from actual railing samples on different monitors.

Elegant Aluminum Gate Height Variations

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 6.04.46 PM

Gates can be ordered in standard 4 foot, 54 inches, 5 foot, and 6 foot heights. Custom sizes are available. When it comes to pool gate, codes vary depending on your location. Check with your county as well as your homeowners association concerning regulations regarding the type of gates allowed and any height restrictions.

Elegant Aluminum Gate Width Variations

Single Gates come in 3 1/2 foot, 4 foot, 5 foot and 6 foot gate widths; and double gates come in standard 6 foot, 8 foot, 10 foot, and 12 foot widths. As always, custom sizes are available.

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 4.46.10 PMScreen Shot 2014-10-16 at 4.46.17 PM

Elegant Aluminum Gate Grade Specifications

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Elegant Aluminum Gate Styles

f signature single gate

F-Signature Gate Styles

Our leading style. It’s strong, functional, and simple. This gate has three horizontal channels. A top channel, an intermediate channel which is 5 inches below the top, and a lower channel which is 3 inches above the base of the pickets.

fs25 majestic standard single gate

FS-25 Majestic Standard Gate Styles 

An original design by Elegant Aluminum. This gate blends the flat-top of the F-Signature series with the spears of the S-Imperial. This gate incorporates a repeating 3-to-1 pattern of three spears and one full-length picket.

fs25 majestic alternating single gate

FS-25 Majestic Alternating Gate Styles

Another original design by Elegant Aluminum. This gate blends the flat-top of the F-Signature series with the spears of the S-Imperial. It incorporates a 1-to-1 pattern of one spear and one through picket.

s imperial single gate

S-Imperial Gate Styles

Out of all the finial series gates, the S-Imperial is the one design which is made by punching the picket. The picket is cut, pressed and notched to form a spear. The lower channel rests 4 3/4 inches above the base of the pickets.

3 point single gate

3 Point Trinity Gate Styles

One of our most beautiful designs resembling the Fleur-d-les. This design signifies thoughts of luxury and regality. The bottom of the lower channel rests 4 3/4 inches above the base of the pickets.

4 point single gate

4 Point Formal Gate Styles

This name says it all. This style is timeless, elegant, and signifies thoughts of nobility. The bottom of the lower channel rests 4 3/4 inches above the base of the pickets.

f dog run standard single gate

Dog-Run Gate Styles

We want to maintain safety and security for your small pets. As opposed to the fifteen standard pickets, this gate is developed with thirty-one pickets per 6′ panel. Picket spacing is 1 5/8 inches rather than 3 7/8 inches.

drive cap single gate

Drive Cap Gate Styles

Our simple Drive-Cap series design includes a square plastic cap at the top of the pickets.

Elegant Glass Railing Finial and Casting Add-Ons

Add a touch of Elegance by enhancing your enclosure with finials and aluminum castings. Ask our sales representative for a list of available specialty add-ons.

Elegant Aluminum Finials


Four-Point Formal Finial

This name says-it-all. This style of finial evokes thoughts of nobility and elegance.

3 point trinity

Three-Point Trinity Finial

An elegant design resembling Fleur-d-Les. This design has a sense of luxury and regality. 3-Point finials are included in 3-Point fences and gates.


Ball Top Add-On

The Ball-top decorative post add-ons are available for all fence and gates styles.


Spear Point – Punched Top

Of the 3 finial series fences, our S-Imperial series is a unique design where the spears are crafted from pickets. The picket is cut to size, pressed, then notched to form a spear. Spear Points are included with FS-25 Majestic and S-Imperial series.

Elegant Aluminum Castings


Aluminum Butterfly Casting


Aluminum Grape Casting


Aluminum Ring Casting


Aluminum Spanish Casting

Michigan Aluminum Gate Sales and Installation 

Elegant Aluminum Products takes great pride in the fact that we can meet all your gate needs from start to finish. Elegant Aluminum stands above the competition due to the fact that we can quote, measure, manufacture and install your gate system using our highly qualified in-house sales, engineering and installation teams.

Elegant Aluminum will send one of our knowledgeable, courteous sales personnel to your home to provide you with a free, no obligation quote. We are happy to give advice and answer any questions or concerns that you may have about your gate, leaving you with a clear picture of exactly what you will receive. Once you have decided on a basic style and layout, Elegant Aluminum will field measure your project.

Field measuring allows us to fabricate custom panels in house instead of cutting standard panels in the field. Your gate will be broken down by our engineering staff and drawn on CAD, insuring a clean, symmetrical gate that is custom built by the manufacturer. Elegant Aluminum is the only gate company that takes the extra time to custom build every job, as quality is our number one priority.

Elegant Aluminum will install your gate using one of our in house installation teams, eliminating the need to contact another company. Our experienced, professional installation crews take pride in their work, treating every job as if it were their own. Elegant Aluminum believes this is the key to a superior installation that will last for years. Our crews are familiar with our product and possess the knowledge to handle any situation that may arise. Elegant Aluminum stands by our product and installation, taking the necessary steps to ensure every customer is completely satisfied from start to finish.